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Training Methods to Fit You

Everyone is different and we don't all likes working out in a gym environment.  I'm here to show you an alternative, either training from your home, place of work or outside.  

As a personal trainer I will take your individual needs and create a training programme to suit you.

Don't worry you won't be stuck with the same programme for months, it will advance with you. 

I am here to give you advice and my goal is to help you achieve exactly what you are looking for.

Not everyone likes to train alone, sometimes it is helpful to have a friend with you to cheer each other on.  
My training methods also offer you these types of training choices, so that you can get exactly what you are looking for. 


I offer a 1 to 1 service, putting together a programme to suit your individual needs whether your looking to tone up and lose weight or improve health and fitness.  

We will get together and chat about your goal have a health screening which is a few simple tests to find out your fitness level, strength and flexibility.  

It takes about 1 hour and gives us a marker to work on and improve.  

Then we decide what method of fitness will suit you and your lifestyle, training at a place you feel most comfortable at home at your work place

or outside.

I am here to help and motivate!

Friend Special

This is for a group of up to 4 to train together, get fit and have fun.



If you are in a team such as netball, rounders, cricket.  

Prepare early and have a major advantage over your rivals.  

Book some team session training to get fit and work together before the season starts.

Take a look at my classes list and either call me on

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to book your place!

The more interest I receive

Circuit style training for all,

if your age 17 or over this is a great way to improve your muscle endurance, stamina and core stability. Using a mix of techniques to push all abilities.  

But don't worry it isn't just for the super fit!  I look for correct posture and technique rather than how fast you can do it and each exercise has a beginners though to advanced alternative.


Fitness for 50+, for anyone over the age of 50, beginners through to advanced training helping keep your physical and mental fitness. 

Ashtanga yoga flow - for all ages and abilities, to help improve flexibility, strength and wellbeing.

Ante and post natal fitness, there are many advantages towards exercising during and after pregnancy.  Helping your posture, improving sleep patterns, creating more oxygen rich blood via the placenta and increases endurance levels for labour.  Once your baby has arrived exercise is a good way to establish a healthy lifestyle it helps you return to pre pregnancy weight, strength and flexibility, improves recovery from pregnancy and labour to feel energized.

Mums are welcome to join the classes after receiving midwife or gp approval from your post natal check around 6 weeks a little longer for a caesarean section birth.


Have a go at one of my fitness classes:


Wednesday - 7 to 8:15pm

Ashtanga Yoga Flow

Live Zoom Class


Friday - 11 to 12 Fitness For Over 50's

St Peter's Methodist Church

Main Street, Crosshills, BD20 8TF


Hope you can join me, call or email for more information and to book your place!


In the About Emma page read some of my client success stories.  

You may get inspired.

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