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  • Richard Christie (Tuesday, April 03 18 09:24 pm BST)

    Testimonial For Emma’s Personal Training Services
    Today marks my one year anniversary of Personal Training by Emma and I feel the need to tell my story.
    I am 53 years old and previously suffered from terrible aches and pains throughout my body due to the site work I undertook for many years. My wife then persuaded me to use Emma’s services (well done Karen) and I have asked Karen to put this post on Emma’s Facebook because I don’t do any social media.

    During the past 12 months I have:-
    * lost 3 stones in weight (19kgs)
    * moved from obese to being categorised as lean
    * dropped from a 38 inch waist to under 34 inches
    * eradicated terrible stiffness in my body (I couldn’t get out of the chair after sitting for a couple of hours and my back was often
    significantly bent over sideways)
    * massively increased my mobility and flexibility
    * massively increased my physical capability
    * massively increased my stamina
    * understood much more about exercise
    * understood much more about my diet and food in general

    I now undertake the following activities weekly:-
    * two one and a half hour strength & CV sessions with Emma
    * a one and a half hour yoga session with Emma
    * using a programme developed by Emma I stretch for 30 minutes most days of the week
    * ride my road bicycle three times per week. 45 miles on a Saturday but I have recently done a couple of 70 mile rides. Two other
    cycling sessions are either short 10 mile quick rides or turbo trainer sessions during the week.

    My Life is now:-
    * Comfortable, pain and ache free
    * I have a great pass time/ hobby (road cycling) which keeps me fit and provides fantastic satisfaction when I achieve my goals.
    * I can fasten my shoe laces without even thinking about it (previously I had to plan how I was going to get down there).
    * my wife is jealous of my flat stomach (well flatish lol)
    * undertake any activity I wish
    * touch my toes (which I haven’t done since I was a child) and I can touch the floor with my clenched fist on a good day.
    * people who haven’t seen me for some time are really shocked at my transformation and a complete new wardrobe was needed.

    Emma’s initial assessment identifying I needed to stretch was absolutely fundamental to my progress. Even after only one session I understood how little I knew about stretching and how to conduct it effectively. So I have been educated by Emma in many basic areas regarding loosing weight, getting fit, stretching, cv sessions, strength sessions, changing/ controlling my diet and ultimately developing my cycling to become my hobby and pastime which has worked amazingly well under Emma’s guidance.

    I feel completely indebted to Emma for her skill, enthusiasm, professionalism and constant high levels of effort. Emma does all the exercises with me, however I end up in a puddle of sweat and she may sometimes take her coat off (during the summer only lol), never yet have I seen a bead of sweat on her forehead.

    It’s true to say that without Emma’s guidance I could not have achieved any of this success which has fundamentally changed my life. Every session Emma arrives with an overriding drive to produce a worthwhile session of hard work with a view to progressing a small amount during each session. This approach really pays dividends over a period of time and I became much fitter and mobile without really being aware of the effects the sessions were having. Emma’s attention to detail and dedication are amazing therefore if her client is prepared to work the results are never in doubt. Emma also has a great capacity to understand her clients physical limitations and is able to alter her programme instantly to suit the situation.

    I believe there are only three rules to be adhered to for an absolute guarantee of success when being trained by Emma and they are:-

    1/ Do whatever Emma says should be done
    2/ Do it whenever Emma says to do it
    3/ Only stop doing it when Emma tells you to stop (I was told off the other day for stopping before receiving authorisation Lol).

    That’s the strategy I’ve adopted and its worked beyond my wildest dream. I should also add that Christine Buckley of Fit For Purpose (a colleague and fellow professional of Emma’s) has provided a fantastic service by conducting lots of remedial massage to help release my tight and locked up muscles which has kept me moving throughout the 12 months whilst my strength and control improved.

    To sum up I’m not sure Emma accepts the full extent of what she has done for me this past twelve months therefore I wanted to put my story into print for others to read.

    So Emma you have completely changed my life and I feel utterly indebted to you for the effort, guidance and tremendous professionalism you have brought into my life, thank you so much.

    Richard Christie
    Coniston Cold

  • Angelique Glata (Tuesday, August 13 13 05:35 pm BST)

    I hated exercise. I like food, I like a glass of wine, but I hated exercise! And then I met Emma. I still hate exercise, but my bi-weekly sessions with Mrs Smith, dont actually feel like exercise. We
    just giggle our way through an hours work out.
    She is never cross, always encouraging, always listens and even when my mobile phone goes off for the third time in a session, she still manages to smile at me...
    Emma, the worst thing about moving back to London is how much I will miss my sessions with you. I feel fitter, I dont feel out of breath when I run up the stairs and I actually looked forward to
    seeing your smiling face at the door even though I was never ready!
    Thank you for your patience, your help and your smile!

    P.S Tinkerbell will miss our sessions too!

  • Stephen Bielby (Sunday, November 25 12 10:33 pm GMT)

    Fantastic classes - very friendly. Life changing - I have seen many health benefits in such a short space of time.


  • Charlotte Common (Monday, August 27 12 12:20 pm BST)

    Emma is a fantastic personal trainer. She is not only very dedicated, creative and highly organized, she is also kind and encouraging to give your best. What more can you ask of a personal trainer.

  • Pauline Tordoff (Friday, July 06 12 06:29 pm BST)

    when I joined Emma's classes in April I was 60 going on 100. Very stiff and very uncoordinated. It was only at three weeks, once a week that I noticed how much better I felt. Since then I am going
    three times a week. These very simple but very directed exercises are what I needed, especially ,as Emma looks after each individual to their own specific needs. I never feel rushed or having to keep
    up the speed of everyone else. Now I can wiz up the stairs and bend and stretch without aching. The old saying " If you don't use it you loose it" is very true.

  • Sean Smith (Sunday, June 17 12 09:48 pm BST)

    Ive been going to the circuit training with my sixteen year old son for the last couple of months . We're both finding it very rewarding and I think Emma's ability to give one to one advice even
    within a class of people makes you feel your getting a good workout with the feel of having a personal trainer .

  • Val Preston (Friday, June 15 12 05:17 pm BST)

    Emma is a great trainer for all abilities I have enjoyed every session met some great people and would recommend Emma's individual training and classes.


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