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  • Angelique Glata (Tuesday, August 13 13 05:35 pm BST)

    I hated exercise. I like food, I like a glass of wine, but I hated exercise! And then I met Emma. I still hate exercise, but my bi-weekly sessions with Mrs Smith, dont actually feel like exercise. We
    just giggle our way through an hours work out.
    She is never cross, always encouraging, always listens and even when my mobile phone goes off for the third time in a session, she still manages to smile at me...
    Emma, the worst thing about moving back to London is how much I will miss my sessions with you. I feel fitter, I dont feel out of breath when I run up the stairs and I actually looked forward to
    seeing your smiling face at the door even though I was never ready!
    Thank you for your patience, your help and your smile!

    P.S Tinkerbell will miss our sessions too!

  • Stephen Bielby (Sunday, November 25 12 10:33 pm GMT)

    Fantastic classes - very friendly. Life changing - I have seen many health benefits in such a short space of time.


  • Charlotte Common (Monday, August 27 12 12:20 pm BST)

    Emma is a fantastic personal trainer. She is not only very dedicated, creative and highly organized, she is also kind and encouraging to give your best. What more can you ask of a personal trainer.

  • Pauline Tordoff (Friday, July 06 12 06:29 pm BST)

    when I joined Emma's classes in April I was 60 going on 100. Very stiff and very uncoordinated. It was only at three weeks, once a week that I noticed how much better I felt. Since then I am going
    three times a week. These very simple but very directed exercises are what I needed, especially ,as Emma looks after each individual to their own specific needs. I never feel rushed or having to keep
    up the speed of everyone else. Now I can wiz up the stairs and bend and stretch without aching. The old saying " If you don't use it you loose it" is very true.

  • Sean Smith (Sunday, June 17 12 09:48 pm BST)

    Ive been going to the circuit training with my sixteen year old son for the last couple of months . We're both finding it very rewarding and I think Emma's ability to give one to one advice even
    within a class of people makes you feel your getting a good workout with the feel of having a personal trainer .

  • Val Preston (Friday, June 15 12 05:17 pm BST)

    Emma is a great trainer for all abilities I have enjoyed every session met some great people and would recommend Emma's individual training and classes.